Lasenby Cotton, designed with quilting in mind, Liberty's soft Lasenby cotton base is suitable for a range of creative projects, from luxe bedspreads to coveted cushions.
Itching to know more about this quilting hero? Read on to discover the secrets behind Liberty's Lasenby Cotton…

What is the History of Lasenby Cotton?

Named after Arthur Lasenby Liberty, the extraordinary founder of Liberty London himself, Lasenby Cotton encompasses everything Liberty stands for, from artistic escapism to delivering the utmost quality. Since launching in 2017, crafters have been able to put their sewing skills to the test with this easy-use, unique base.

Where and How is Lasenby Made?

Lasenby truly is a one-of-a-kind base. With its own team of expert designers who design specifically for ‘Crafting’, Lasenby is the perfect choice for those who enjoy fussy cutting or English paper piecing. Why, you ask? Well, the extraordinary base features smaller and more conversational designs with quilting in mind, unlike its fabric counterparts, Tana Lawn and Crepe de Chine which are better suited to dressmaking.

Like many of our Liberty fabrics, Lasenby is printed and finished in our Italian Mill, near the banks of Lake Como. Our mill reflects both sides of the Liberty spirit – a proud history of heritage design, combined with a restlessly inventive approach. Our specialists print millions of metres of fabric every year, using both rotary screen and digital printing technologies. Swathes of fabric move through printing, steaming, washing and softening processes. They are later quality checked by eagle-eyed technologists, before the fabric is cut, rolled and shipped around the globe.

What is Lasenby’s Thread Count, Feel and Finish?

Our soft Lasenby Cotton base is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for a range of creative home projects. Slightly heavier than its cotton companion Tana Lawn, Lasenby weighs 146 grams per square meter making it very stable and perfect for quilting. The Lasenby range is printed using traditional screen printing that infuses rich colour tones into the fabric that brings our studio designers’ photographic and painterly creations to life in the most vivid way possible. Soft and smooth, this textile is just thing you’ll want to snuggle up to on a cold winter’s day or drape across your bedscape during summer.

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