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Posted by Deanne Coombes on 2nd June 2012. on 6/2/2012 to General
2nd June 2012

Hiya all out there....I am starting this blog to give readers some insight into the world of Fabric Pixie and perhaps offer some inspiration show you new products and what is happening out in the sewing world whether it may be dressmaking, quilting or other crafts.

My name is Deanne, the little pixie behind this fabric world out there.
Sewing and craft has been my world all of my life, my mother Beverley is truly the most talented sewer I know, and I really think I am not being biased.

My first memories was being in her fabric shop, where she also managed to do dressmaking and school uniforms for the local schools.
I recall the lime green laminex counter (and yes now you can tell this was the seventies), on either ends the counter curved down to hold fabric rolls as she cut the required length. Us kids would use this half pipe shape to drive our toys up and down most likely getting in the way.
I recall the under water world that mum created out of paper, cellophane and string, underneath the counter to keep me occupied, there was no day care in those days! Although my Nanny only lived across the street where I am sure I spent a lot of time. Gosh it makes me think now how hard it would have been.
She had these clear plastic sheets (A4 size) which had ladies dresses printed in a black outline, like an over head projector sheet that you could see through and you used to pin these sheets over the fabric rolls so you could see what that dress would look like made up in that fabric! Talk about technology!
And I believe I was rather fond of the buttons, many times getting into mischief and making some sort of rainbow soup for mummy out of many of the tubes!

After mum sold the shop her passion turned to porcelain doll making and dressing them and joined the local doll club.
It was very popular at the time and mums fine heirloom work was and still is in very high demand. She would attend the large doll shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne always struggling to get together enough stock and selling out most of the time.
Her attention to detail is amazing working with the finest of voiles, silks, cotton, laces and the most intricate smocking and embroidery.
Here is about the only photo that I have been able to find on my computer with some of mums work. It is a boy basket which actually is no where near the cutest one she has done.
The girls ones have far more embroidery, lace and pretty tiny dresses.

Boy Basket

Whoa that was a trip down memory lane!

What I was getting to is that I have lived in this wonderful world of fabric and craft all of my life.
Now married and blessed with 2 little girls of my own, I am recreating the whole pattern again for my two daughters.

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