Deja Vu Tabby Road

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The Deja Vu collections are designed to offer a new take on an old favorite. In an effort to preserve the original collection.
Tula Pink has recolored Tabby Road for a new group of quilters. For people who loved Tabby Road when it first debuted in 2012, Tula offers you a brand-new colorway and a new reworked print! 
The linchpin of the collection is "Disco Kitty," a pair of fantasy cats in stripes and polka dots. The collection is built around them. Tula has added a new version called "Club Kitty" scaled up and splattered with nighttime stars in the background. The supporting prints are back with the volume turned way up. Tula added a prism of colors to some of the original two and three-color prints to give them their own spotlight. She chose Tabby Road for this year's Deja Vu collection for two reasons. The first reason is that she loved this collection and hopes that other people do too. The second reason is to show some love to her cat people. 
Besties, an all-pets collection that shipped in 2023, largely focused on dogs with a teeny tiny cat print. Tula hopes that this will balance the scales.
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