RJ Designs - Jelly Roll Rug 2

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RJ Designs - Jelly Roll Rug 2
RJ Designs - Jelly-Roll Rug
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RJ Designs - Jelly Roll Rug 2

Approximately 32" x 42" area rug made from one Jelly-Roll, forty-two 2-1/2 inch fabric strips, and 100 percent cotton batting.

The Jelly-Roll Rug Squared pattern as a simpler version of the original Jelly-Roll Rug pattern.

Now, all skill levels may participate in the joy of Jelly-Roll Rug making! No stitching around tight curves, just sewing straight, "seams.:"

Uses 1 Jelly Roll

We also stock the 2.5" batting on a roll. CLICK HERE

Have you seen the Jelly Roll Sasher?
An Australian designed nifty little product that makes folding your batting quickly and easily to feed through the machine.
Available separately, click image below.

Jelly Roll Sasher

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